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What I said when I quit my job:

-I can’t keep up with college commitments

What I meant to say:

- Gendered uniforms, like wow you call your self the most diverse work force but yet you clearly define genders? Forcing me to work in my pre-concieved gender that I don’t always associate with does not help dysporia

- Sexism, the front counter is mostly feminine persons; and the kitchen masculine? I get that sex sells but seriously I could be the best damn burger flipper you ever saw and you wouldn’t give me a chance in the kitchen

-illegal hours, yh I get it. the shops busy.ITS ALWAYS FREAKING BUSY idec that its an inconvenience to take my till off rn Its 15 mins over the legal time I can work and you still need to count my cash moneys.. Its really annoying when you have a bus to catch

-Bullying guess what guys, that new kid that tucked in their shirt was you once. You don’t have the right to laugh or bitch about them when the job is hard enough with abuse from customer’s. Idk maybe instead of watching them get flustered help them out with the order????? Don’t work in fast food guys ur soul will rott
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A Message to All Boys:


Wearing eyeliner doesn’t make you “girly” or “gay” a lot of girls actually find it attractive. If you wanna put concealer on that pimple go ahead. It doesn’t make you less of a man. Makeup is not intrinsically feminine. Don’t let society’s screwed up gender roles stop you from expressing yourself.

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Yixing was about to say 'Byun-Xing' but his accent make it sound like 병신 (byung-shin) which from word to word, means 'a jerk' , 'an a**hole' or 'stupid'

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